Poetry of Lent: George Herbert

March 10, 2011

Lent George Herbert Welcome dear feast of Lent: who loves not thee, He loves not Temperance, or Authority, But is compos’d of passion.The Scriptures bid us fast; the Church says, now: Give to thy Mother, what thou wouldst allowTo ev’ry Corporation. The humble soul compos’d of love and fearBegins at home, and lays the burden […]

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Caris Brooke Poem: Quand Meme (1888)

March 8, 2011

Caris Brooke was the pseudonym of Saretta Green, E.Nesbit’s half sister.This poem was published as part of Nesbit’ Easter-tide collection of 1888 published by E.P. Dutton. QUAND MEME.EXULTANT in the gray uncertain light,Out of a dream the bird-voice seemed to break,As if it came from woods and fields of home, — Proclaiming, “Spring is here. […]

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March 6, 2011

Rondeau was first published in  Nesbit’s 1888 collection, titled Easter-tide, published by E.P. Dutton. RONDEAU. LONG ago when youth was gay,We two dreamed our hfe shoidd growLike two flowers in one sweet May—And we told each other so.You are gone. Time’s fingers grayBehind my eyes with showered snow,Youth and hope seem far away —Long ago.Yet the […]

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Rudyard Kipling’s If

March 5, 2011

Rudyard Kipling’s “IF” was first included in Rewards and Fairies. It is a beautiful poem to listen to, an exhortation of sorts. This poem particularly moves me and challenges me when read aloud. IF IF you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,If you can trust […]

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Caris Brooke’s Yesterday

March 4, 2011

I’ve been sharing a few poems by Caris Brooke lately. Caris Brooke was a moderately successful poet in the 1880’s publishing a number of small decorative poems. As far as I can tell, the only collection in which Caris Brooke’s work is included, is the 1888 Eastertide collection by E.Nesbit, in which Brooke appears as […]

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E.Nesbit poem: To a picture by Giovanni Bellini (1888)

March 1, 2011

  To A picture by Giovanni Bellini E.Nesbit DEAR Lady, In whose I see, All that I would and cannot be,Let thy pure light for ever shine.Though dimly, through this life of mine ! Though what I dream, and what I do.In prayer’s despite are always two,Light me, through a maze of deeds undone,O thou […]

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E.Nesbit Poem: Vies Manquees (1888)

February 26, 2011

VIES MANQUEES. A YEAR ago we walked the wood —A year ago to-day ;A blackbird fluttered round her brood Deep in the white-flowered niay.We trod the happy woodland ways,Where sunset streamed betweenThe hazel stems in long dusk rays,And turned to gold the green. A thrush sang where the ferns uncurled,And clouds of wind-flowers grew :I missed the […]

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Possibilities of E.Nesbit

February 24, 2011

  Possibilities (1888) E.Nesbit  Part of the Easter-tide collection published by E.P. Dutton (1888)  PRINCESS, sleeping in enchanted bowers,Earth springs to waking at Spring’s voiceand kiss,And after Winters cold unlovely hours,Laughs out to find how beautiful she is.Spring flings a song across the field and fold,And sighs it through the glad wood’s tangled ways;And million, […]

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Poetry of E.Nesbit: Song (1888)

February 21, 2011

  This is a song for Spring, or a Spring-song… SOFT is the ground underfoot, Soft are the skies overhead,Green is the ivy round brown hedge root,Green is the moss where we tread.Purple the woods are, and brown; The blackbird is glossy and sleek.He knows that the worms are no more kept downBy frost out […]

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Two Women: Grandmotherly love

February 20, 2011

I was reading this poem by E.Nesbit today and it tugged at something deep within me. It is from her 1886 collection Lays and Legends. TO TWO WOMEN.YOU who bore the pain and careOnly women have to bear,You who staked your life to winLife for me, to love you in,You who loved me all these […]

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