Things in English are just….well,…better

by Anna Blanch on March 6, 2011

I give you the self superiority of the STC in the 19th Century. Our version of the Bible is to be loved and prized for this, as for a thousand other things, — that it has preserved a purity of meaning to many terms of natural objects. Without this holdfast, our vitiated imaginations would refine […]


Samuel Taylor Coleridge on Literature and the Bible

by Anna Blanch on February 26, 2011

I take up this work with the purpose to read it for the first time as I should any other work, — as far at least as I can or dare. For I neither can, nor dare, throw off a strong and awful prepossession in its favour — certain as I am that a large […]


Top 10 South Park Episodes about Religion

by Anna Blanch on February 25, 2011

This recent Huffington Post article about the Top 10 South Park Episodes about Religion caught my here to read the article.


Your Graduate School Survival Kit.

by Anna Blanch on August 20, 2010

For some of you, it may be a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, hence: Coffee does more than Milton can,to justifie the ways of God to Man. (There’s a variation on that quote from A.D. Houseman, if you know it.) For others it may be getting your necessary 10 hugs a day […]


No Christianity Please, We’re Academics

by Anna Blanch on July 30, 2010

A must read piece today by Timothy Larsen in Inside Higher Ed on Academics, Faith and Discrimination, titled, “No Christianity Please, We’re Academics”


The science publisher Versita, partner of Springer and de Gruyter in Central and Eastern Europe, is currently seeking an Assistant Editor for the new launched book program in Theology and Religious Studies. Ideal Candidate Profile: specialized in a specific field of Theology or Religious Studies PhD student or researcher who became PhD recently, and continues […]


The Hospitable Text: New Approaches to Religion and Literature 14-16 July 2011 London Notre Dame Centre, UK Plenary lecturers will include: Julia Reinhard Lupton (UC Irvine) and John Schad (Lancaster University).Other participants include: Jo Carruthers (Bristol University), Paul Contino (Pepperdine University), John Cox (Hope College), Robert Eaglestone (Royal Holloway, University of London), Mark Eaton (Azusa […]


Call for papers: Literature and the Sacred

by Anna Blanch on June 24, 2010

Literature and the Sacred (deadline for abstracts: June 30th; conference: October 14–16th, 2010) Literature and Belief, a semiannual publication of the Center for the Studies of Christian Values in Literature, Brigham Young University contact email: or The conference will include sessions on Literature, the Sacred, and Texts; Literature, the Sacred, and the Environment; […]


Ninteteenth technological innovation and spiritualism

June 3, 2010

Today I want to share an interview with John Durham Peters on how the 19th century rise of new communications technologies was related to various forms of spiritualism. This is one of the free Mars Hill Hill Audio bonus tracks – in fact it’s in volume 47.! Here is the full list of free interviews. […]

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Poetry’s Print on my Heart.

May 31, 2010

There’s something about words crafting images that have a way of causing those words to in turn wind themselves around your heart. T.S. Eliot consider poetry to be the only form where one can adequately (and then not even) explore the human relationship with God. Before Eliot’s time, earlier in the nineteenth century poetry itself […]

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