The Rules; or what Gibbs has to do with Research.

February 12, 2010

I’ve written elsewhere that I have a thing for triumph of the spirit movies, military movies, and crime fiction…. If you know me, or you’ve been hanging around Goannatree long enough, none of this will suprise you. Gibbs has his rules. I have mine. His are definitely more fun – but many of them also […]

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Research Question: What does this image on the back of the Neolith represent?

February 8, 2010

In the course of my research travels last week I was very encouraged to find a full copy of all four issues of Neolith, a periodical published in 1907-1908 by E.Nesbit, Graily Hewitt, F.Ernest Jackson, and G. Spencer Pryse.On the back cover of each issue is this logo/image. I’ve never seen anything like it and […]

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Not all Reference Libraries are equal!

February 5, 2010

So admittedly the title of this post is stating the obvious. But, I want to write a short prologue to a post that will appear in the next week or so. I am preparing a (long) post on visiting reference libraries and the things I have learnt along the way in the hopes that it […]

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I’ve got so much to tell you!

February 4, 2010

So, for those who took notice (and i’m happy to say that’s way more than i thought would) I went missing in action for the last 5 weeks. Around Christmas I realised I needed to take a short break to get the rest of my non-blogging existence in order, and because I have been travelling […]

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Raindrops keep falling on my head…; or the impact of the seasons on research and writing

December 17, 2009

I love the rain. However, getting used to this horizontal Scottish rain is taking a little time. What has suprised me is the way the weather has impacted the way that I work and research. While Summers can be brutal in Texas which means that it is imperative to be in your office before 8am […]

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What posture should one hold? : Prayerfully Approaching Research

November 15, 2009

I’ve been reading and writing on a loop for the last couple of weeks. This has prompted thought about the posture with which I approach my tasks. Sometimes reading theology and the bible in the course of academic research can put one in a different frame of mind than personal contemplative reading or reflection. Maybe […]

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On Theology and Literature…

November 9, 2009

Theology is of Ultimate and Irreducible Importance – David Jasper If words are not THINGS, they are LIVING POWERS, by which the things of  most importance to mankind are actuated, combined, and humanized – S.T. Coleridge The (inter)disciplines of literature and religion and literature and theology operate in the margins of the single disciplines. Like […]

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The journey from novice to competent to excellent: 10,000 hours and counting

November 3, 2009

The Journey from novice to competent to excellent! Moving from being a student to being a member of the professoriate is a long journey. In some ways one shouldn’t endeavour to grow out of being a student of your field. There is always something to learn – always new pedagogical techniques to consider, and new […]

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The State of this little part of the Research nation

October 24, 2009

The sea has been angry lately. But then again, there has been so much fog and mist rolling in I haven’t always been able to see the white-tipped waves. I can’t complain. It’s only going to get worse. The days will continue to get shorter, the sun isn’t rising until after 7:30am as it is, […]

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700 is the magic number; or the road ahead…

October 20, 2009

700. It is the sum of four consecutive primes (167 + 173 + 179 + 181). But 700 sources. That’s the number, roughly, I need to compile by March for the GRO. This is the procedure by which I, hopefully, will miraculously turn into one possessing the “all-but-for-dissertation” distinction. 700. It actually seems more doable […]

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