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This is a repost of Blogging, public criticism, and searching my heart from July 2010.This is one time where I feel my thoughts and feelings in a post have only been intensified and confirmed over time.  Sometimes I read a critical comment on mine own or another blog, or I look back at something i’ve […]


Could I be a Marilyn and a Jackie?

by Anna Blanch on March 3, 2011

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure.  I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle.  But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as heck don’t deserve me at my best.”  — Marilyn Monroe


The School of Arts at the University of Kent, with the support of the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, has a scholarship available for the 2010/11 academic year, for a Hong Kong resident graduate studying any of our taught Film MA programmes: MA Film Studies MA Film Studies (Paris) The scholarship will pay £15,000 over one […]


10 things to do when disillusioned with your Dissertation

by Anna Blanch on February 23, 2011

  Ramp up the Exercise – In addition to this being a positive diversionary (read: procrastination) tactic, exercise will help with your endorphin levels, and being in a better (read: braver) mood might help with the Dissertation. Write it a love letter – Try a free-writing exercise wherein you write your thesis or dissertation a […]


10 Tips for Choosing a Dissertation Coach

by Anna Blanch on February 21, 2011

Some of you may be considering a Dissertation Coach. This is not the same as a supervisor or a proofreader. Like a Career or life coach, this is a trained professional who seeks to support you during the dissertation process. Here are ten tips to help you in the process of choosing a coach to […]


Saturday morning groove

by Anna Blanch on February 19, 2011

You find me trying to settle into a saturday morning writing groove…while the rain comes down outside. It’s a perfect day for curling up with a book. But that’s not on the cards for me today – at least not unless i can get through some other things. Maybe i can find a way to […]


Finding the Love: Learning how to love my PhD again

by Anna Blanch on February 18, 2011

Following along this little – writing a PhD is like being in a relationship – metaphor i’ve had going the last couple of days, I wondered if there was some relationship advice out there for long-term relationships that might be applicable for my little out0of-love with my thesis conundrum… 5 Tips for Rekindling Romance in […]


Trying to Romance a Stone…

by Anna Blanch on February 18, 2011

I’m not married. I feel the need to say that. Because i suspect over the next few months there might be quite a few tidbits about a chap named Bert, who I will speak of as if we were married. We are, I guess. But only in the way that intellectual-nerdy types think of when […]


Trying to fall in love again…

February 17, 2011

This post will be a first. It’s about the most intense relationship in my life right now. I need to fall in love with my PhD thesis again. And it’s not just because my thesis is about the closest thing i have to a Valentine right…but that’s a story for a different post (a potentially […]

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The Basics: Theology Journals

November 8, 2010

Next up in The Basics Series is a review post of a reasonable number of Theology Journals. This is not exhaustive, of course, but if you think I’ve overlooked a journal that I really should have included then please let me know in the comments.  American Theological Inquiry American Theological Journal Ars Disputandi Australian Religion […]

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