Photo: British Open at St Andrews

by Anna Blanch on July 22, 2010

Image: Anna M Blanch 2010Anna M Blanch is founder of Goannatree, and a PhD candidate in the Institute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts, University of St Andrews. She posts weekly over at Transpositions, a blog on Theology, Imagination, and the Arts.


As I travel through the foothills of the highlands between Edinburgh and St Andrews I am marvelling at the beauty of the Scottish landscape. I am looking out of the train windows smiling again at the majestic presence of the box-like hills to the west. If i were in Greece or Turkey they might be […]

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Transposition Tuesday: Sport as a God?

by Anna Blanch on June 29, 2010

I’m now posting each Tuesday over at Transpositions. I started over there a couple of weeks ago, but the blog only went “live” this week. My fellow collaborators are a great bunch, with a wide range of different interests across the Arts and theology. It makes for an interesting and lively discussion. You can find […]


The Lord of the Rings and the World Cup

by Anna Blanch on June 22, 2010

Wizards. World Cup. Gandalf. Hobbits. Vuvuzela music. need i say more… Titled: Gandalf goes to the World Cup!


The World Cup and the Ph.D.

by Anna Blanch on June 14, 2010

Yes, I am aware Australia lost 4-0 against Germany yesterday. I watched all 94 excruciating minutes of the game with about 30 Germans. However, this post is not about rehashing Tim Cahill’s ludicrous red card or Lucas Neill’s headbutt to the back of some German player’s head. Rather, I wanted to share you a World […]


Sport, including Grand Slam Tennis, often evokes a powerful emotional response from player and spectator alike. For some Wimbledon is akin to a religious experience – a pilgrimage to a sacred place. I was intrigued then to hear that Wimbledon had called a muse, a scribe, to reflect upon and wax lyrical about the spectacle […]


The Sweet 16 of Tough Graders

by Anna Blanch on March 23, 2010

So continues this series of March Madness Posts where I bring you stories about Academic Performance and the “big dance” however tangential the relationship! This post is in honour of both the Baylor Bears and Lady Bears making it through to the Sweet Sixteen and Brittany Griner’s 14 blocks (count them) against Georgetown last night! […]


So, I’m following March Maddness from over here in Scotland. But with a twist – I’m looking at from the perspective of the Academic performance of the athletes. I wrote a post about the Academic Tournament yesterday and today I want to share with you the story of one faithful woman shepherding a team to […]


What if Academic Performance determined the NCAA tournament winner?

March 15, 2010

In honor of Baylor Mens Basketball being named a 3 seed in this year’s tournament I’d thought I’d give a post over to March Madness. But never fear, it’s about Academic Performance. What can i say? – my blood was already green and gold before I arrived at Baylor and the ANU mascot is also […]

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Diagnosis: missing home? Rx: A flight across the pacific!

June 20, 2008

Later this week I will be leaving on a jet plane…literally. I will fly out of these United States across the pacific blue and land in Australia after a little stop in NZ. I really shouldn’t complain about the inordinate amount of time i will spend in airports and on aircraft given that this trip […]

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