I like dirt better than fake flowers

by Anna Blanch on August 27, 2012

Today I’m over at Transpositions writing about living in suburbia, and an example of superficiality pushed to the extreme! I’d love your comments and thoughts on the post! Surburbia has never appealed to me. Until ten years ago, I had almost always lived in places where we couldn’t even see our neighbours, let alone hear […]

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A naked theologian

by Anna Blanch on January 11, 2012

I’m a lateral thinker inclined to make connections between seemingly unrelated things. In writing about 19th century women poets lately I’ve been thinking about the challenges of their domestic lives in the midst of their creative pursuits. I was also challenged by Joy’s recent post reflecting on Billy Coffey’s thoughts on ‘naked writing.’ It got […]


Faith and Understanding

by Anna Blanch on April 4, 2011

Faith isn’t intellectual understanding; faith is a deliberate commitment to Jesus Christ, even when I can’t see the way ahead -Oswald Chambers


Are you a life-ready Woman?

by Anna Blanch on February 28, 2011

I have to admit I approached Shaunti Feldhahn’s Life-Ready Woman: Thriving in a do-it-all world with the cynicism only a professional woman, who’s read more of the “how can you be a godly Christian woman” in today’s world books than she cares to admit, can. I’d pretty much given up reading those kinds of books […]


Film & Theology Weekend at Gladstone’s Library

by Anna Blanch on February 27, 2011

The ever popular Film and Theology weekend is being held from Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd April at Gladstone’s Library in Wales. This is it’s fourteenth year – that’s a lot of films.  This is how Gladstone’s Library describes what’s in store for this year: This year, we will view and review five films during the […]


Literature and Theology

by Anna Blanch on February 22, 2011

This past week I posted a new installment on Transpositions in a series of posts I began late last year about reading literature theologically. The first three in the series were – 1. Literature and Religion (and Theology) 2. Are Labels useful? or, why I’m not sure about Christian Literature,3. Why I don’t just read […]


Saturday morning groove

by Anna Blanch on February 19, 2011

You find me trying to settle into a saturday morning writing groove…while the rain comes down outside. It’s a perfect day for curling up with a book. But that’s not on the cards for me today – at least not unless i can get through some other things. Maybe i can find a way to […]


The Basics: Theology Journals

by Anna Blanch on November 8, 2010

Next up in The Basics Series is a review post of a reasonable number of Theology Journals. This is not exhaustive, of course, but if you think I’ve overlooked a journal that I really should have included then please let me know in the comments.  American Theological Inquiry American Theological Journal Ars Disputandi Australian Religion […]


Wanted: Assistant Editor, Theology and Religious Studies

July 29, 2010

The science publisher Versita, partner of Springer and de Gruyter in Central and Eastern Europe, is currently seeking an Assistant Editor for the new launched book program in Theology and Religious Studies. Ideal Candidate Profile: specialized in a specific field of Theology or Religious Studies PhD student or researcher who became PhD recently, and continues […]

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J.S. Mill on Truth

July 28, 2010

John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty, is a classic work in the fields of economic, political, historical, philosophical, and legal theory. Re-reading it again recently, I was struck by these quotes on Truth. Truth, in the great practical concerns of life, is so much a question of the reconciling and combining of opposites, that very few […]

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