It’s a Scottish summer’s evening and it’s raining. But that’s about par for the course.* Living in a place where summer is most certainly a relative term, i’ve learned to make the most of any hint of sun and warmth. When i walked out to the kitchen this morning I found my roommate C. sitting […]


Žižek on Taste!

by Anna Blanch on July 21, 2010

Wes Vander Lugt writes about the difference between good taste and true taste in Slavoj Žižek’s latest book, Living in the End Times over at Transpositions. Transpositions has had some lively conversations going of late. Some I’ve participate in, others I’ve watched unfold.


Reading with children and Vacations!

by Anna Blanch on June 17, 2010

I know quite a few people heading off on European adventures this summer – mainly because the British Open is descending onto St Andrews this July – and so I thought i’d share this snippet of a review about Heidi’s Alp, a book about planning European vacations with children: Parents who need ideas about how […]


From Inside Higher Ed: It Worked for Betty White. Why Not Slavoj Žižek? Betty White won a spot guest hosting “Saturday Night Live” after a massive Facebook campaign was begun on her behalf. While academics were not instrumental in that effort, they are very much a force behind a new Facebook campaign to have Slavoj […]


St Deiniol’s Library

by Anna Blanch on May 13, 2010

St Deiniol’s Library was founded by William Ewart Gladstone as a place of divine learning, rest and refreshment. It’s also where I am this week – for a little research. The library is something to behold. 250 000 books! There will be more photos. PS: So i know i’ve been AWOL for the last month. […]


7 Myths about being a Published Author

by Anna Blanch on March 24, 2010

Mary De Muth’s 7 Myths about Publishing


I’m still reading. It’s my life really. That, and writing, and teaching, and planning, and thinking. But really alot of reading. I write. But do i write?    In his book, The Lantern, and the Looking-glass: Literature and Christian Belief, Nigel Forde sets out a distinction between Scholars and Practitioners that indicate that rarely do the […]


Quote of the Week: Salinger on teaching…

by Anna Blanch on February 19, 2010

“When Seymour was twenty-one, nearly a full professor of English, and had already been teaching for two years, I asked him what, if anything, got him down about teaching. He said he didn’t think that anything about it got him exactly down, but there was one thing, he thought, that frightened him: reading the pencilled […]


Trinity College, Cambridge

February 5, 2010

So I’ve long since accepted that I get excited about happenings and information that make my family and many friends look at me with bewilderment. I am not a geek, but I am happily a 19th Literature nerd…but i’m not one of those beautiful (and they are usually beautiful) souls who embraces the Victorian era […]

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There’s alot going on in the world…

November 21, 2009

Admittedly this post is partly because i have committed to NaBloPoMo and i have made it this far! But also because i am inspired… Imagination in Church from Collide Magazine The form of this post is from Melissa who really made me smile with her post earlier today. Justin Taylor has been over at the […]

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